Therapy Track's tools reduce the cost of healthcare by improving staff productivity.

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Improve productivity with current daily, monthly, and month-to-date data on staff performance, costs and efficiency -- by team or individual.

Personalized feedback for each therapy caregiver every day improves staff accountability and cost-effective care.

Ability to analyze data improves staffing decisions.

Daily status email includes analysis of cost and volume trends by department, facility, or multiple locations.

Cost effective tools to enhance your own personal management style and help you meet budget targets.

Powerful charts and graphs allow "snapshot" views of department operations -- great for staffing and equipment decisions!

Proven results include impressive cost savings -- in facilities just like yours!

Ability to customize your data, categories monitored, and trends that reflect your areas of responsibility.

Staff Evaluations, What If Analysis, Outsourcing Analysis, No IT Support Required, Toll-Free & Email Support, Painless Setup, Anywhere Access, HIPAA Level Security…

Upcoming features include staff incentives and benchmarking!

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